Eucalyptus Mulch 60dm

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Eucalyptus mulch is a great bedding that holds moisture well, looks and smells good and is easy to spot clean. Great for burrowing species and snakes that might require higher humidity levels like amazon tree boas and ball pythons.

We’ve been using Eucalyptus mulch here as bedding for more than 50 snake species with great success.

Eucalyptus mulch size (723 x 482)

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3 reviews for Eucalyptus Mulch 60dm

  1. Henk

    Works great. Have been using eucalyptus mulch with various ratsnake species for many years.

  2. Robert

    It work great for my ball pythons first time breeder and I have had no problems!

  3. Janine (verified owner)

    Works great for my ball pythons. Lovely and clean smell.

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