Virbac Allermyl Shampoo 200mL

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Shampoo for cats and dogs, with a neutral pH used to help soothe an irritated skin.


Monosaccharides, vitamin E, linoleic acid and gama linolenic acid, piroctone olamine, neutral pH.

Directions for use:

Allermyl® Shampoo is a cleansing, soothing and protecting shampoo for cats and dogs. Allermyl is a foaming micro-emulsion, neutral pH unscented shampoo, used to help soothe irritated skin.


Shake well then wet the coat with warm water and apply a thin layer of Allermyl® shampoo from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. Massage into the coat with circular motions and rinse. Repeat and then leave on the coat for 5-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Use once or twice weekly or as directed by your veterinary surgeon.

Storage instructions:

Store at or below 25 °C

Package insert:

Virbac Allermyl Shampoo