Optimizor Premium Adult 2in1 Gravy Coated

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The new Optimizor Premium range is a high-quality food for South African dogs scientifically formulated by our own animal nutritionist and veterinarian. Did you know that the Optimizor Premium range offers 20% more protein than leading supermarket brands? Our high-quality poultry provides the optimum levels of protein needed to build strong muscles, while the inclusion of rice ensures optimal digestibility. Exceptional quality and great value – that’s what you get from Optimizor Premium. If you were feeding your dog the previous Optimizor product our recommendation is that you move across to Optimizor Premium for an even better food than before. The addition of Vitacare across the new range with 23 essential vitamins and minerals to promote overall wellbeing and for immune system support means the new Optimizor range is now perfectly balanced to give your dog’s the high-quality nutrition that they require to enjoy a happy and healthy life. 

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