10 Shoebox Rack System-Excluding tubs

R 6,100.00

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Top quality rack systems ideal for most commonly kept adult snakes. Especially popular for keeping breeder ball pythons.

Our racks come standard with/include:

-Standard White with black edging, EXCLUDING tubs

-2 Built in STC1000 thermostats

30W heating sunk into the wood to avoid tubs damaging the cables

Moisture shield on the bottom of each level for extra moisture protection

Silicone sealed where levels join sides to avoid/reduce moisture damage

On wheels for easy maneuverability

R 250 delivery fee for Pretoria and Johannesburg (Excludes outlying areas)

-Courier or delivery to outlaying areas or other provinces to be quoted separately and for the customers account

-Collection/purchase in store welcome (Bellevue, Pretoria)

Please note: we endeavor to keep at least one of each rack listed as standard in stock at all times but can run out. Stock will be replaced rapidly should such a scenario arise