10 26L Systems

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We have been manufacturing high quality rack systems for the past 7 years at the most affordable prices.

Our rack systems include your choice of heating. Our customers can choose between 20W (yellow) or 30W (orange) heating cable. 20W cable is recommended for colubrids and other species requiring temperatures between 26-32 whereas 30W cable is recommended for ball pythons and other species requiring higher temperatures.

heating (600 x 337)

Our racks do not include thermostats but it is advised to make use of one. At higher ambient temperatures racks may overheat if not controlled by a thermostat.

Dimensions of rack:

– 1000mm (H) x 872mm (W) x 580mm (Deep)

Dimensions of tubs:

– 580mm (L) x 410mm (W) x 153mm (H)

*Price excludes delivery/courier charges. Due to storage space our racks are built on order (once notification of payment is received building will start). From notification of payment to completion 7-10 working days depending on amount of orders.


Additional information

Rack Colour

White, Black, Oak

Edging Colour

White, Black, Oak


Including tubs, Excluding tubs

Heat cable

30W, 20W, 14W


No thermostat, Day/Night thermostat, Standard thermostat


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